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House Wash Give Away

Hey Everyone! We appreciate our community for supporting us and helping us grow. We love working in community and love to serve our neighbors! We Offer a house wash give away raffle to members of our community! So please take the time to subscribe to our page and nominate your neighbor for a house wash!

How To Nominate!
You, The Nominator- Enter Your Name, Email Address and Phone Number.
The Nominee- Enter Their Name, Address and any Contact Info you may have for them in the comments. (if you don't have contact info that's OK)
Also enter The Reason why they need or deserve this nomination.
We would love to make the "House Wash Give Away" a monthly event. You can help us help others by spreading the word about JimmyDew Pressure Washing to your Family and Friends. Thank You!
Nominate Your Neighbor!

Thanks for submitting!

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