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Buying Your Own Pressure Washer? Read This Before You Do!

Want to Buy a Pressure Washer? Read this Before You Do!

Things to consider when choosing a pressure washer are Time and Quality. How long will the pressure washer take to clean and how long the pressure washer will last. Both will also effect price.

The Main differences between pressure washers are really PSI ( Pounds per square inch) output, GPM ( Gallons per minute) output and Quality of Parts.

The higher the outputs the faster it will clean. You can multiply the two outputs GPM and PSI to find the "Cleaning Ability". The higher the cleaning ability the faster and more thorough the pressure washer will clean.

Example: a normal Lowes pressure washer will be about 3200psi and 2.5gpm. = 8000 Cleaning Ability.

A Commercial Pressure Washer is about 4,000psi 4gpm (+) = 16000 cleaning ability.

The larger the Pressure Washer the larger the attachments you can use that will help clean more efficiently.

The normal Lowes Pressure Washer will cost around $400. This pressure washer will do a good job cleaning, but it will take a long time to get good results. Pressure Washers use Small Engines. Small Engines can be finicky and will need to be used semi often to be kept in good condition.

Pressure Washing is usually just a yearly thing. If you want to pressure wash your home yourself it is probably better to buy the normal sized pressure washer. It will take longer to do your yearly projects but it wont be such a set back if you forget to keep up the small engine or the pump breaks down. It all depends on how much your going to use it. Have Fun With It!

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