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Hair in Your Carpet? Top 3 Vacuums

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Hair collecting in your carpet can be embarrassing when guests arrive. No one likes the feeling of someone else's hair between their toes, even if its pet hair! The problem with most vacuums is that hair, especially long human hair, will get wrapped around the vacuum's brush. That's not very fun to clean! When the brush gets tangled the vacuum looses its ability to clean effectively. Are there any Vacuums that have figured out a solution to the problem? YES! Here are the top 3 Vacuums.

#1 The Shark Apex Duo Clean-

Shark has come out with a new technology called Zero M technology. It acts like a rake, keeping the hair from collecting on the brush. The Shark Apex model is not the only model with Zero M technology. It is rated #1 because of its suction power and its ability to suck up large debris on hard floors. This is a great Vacuum with all the bells and whistles, but the main thing is the Zero M technology.

#2 The Shark Navigator with Zero M Technology

This vacuum has a smaller head and a little less suction power than the Apex model. When you buy the Navigator you have to remember that there are two styles of navigator, one with Zero M Technology and one without. The Zero M technology is the key to carpet hair removal. This Model is really the best bang for your buck! My Favorite.

#3 The Shark True Pet

Made especially to pick up pet hair. It works great at picking up pet hair without the hair getting wrapped around the brush. This vacuum comes in at the top of a lot of lists for pet hair pick up.

The top 3 Vacuums all seem to be from Shark, with good reason. Shark's Zero M Technology is great but their seal and filter design are among the best. Proven to keep dust particles in the vacuum and out of the air. If you have a problem with pet hair or long human hair clogging up your vacuum these Top 3 Vacuums are definitely the solution!

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