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How to Save $3000 on Home Repairs

Almost every house in the community has rooms full of carpet. To replace 1,000 sqft of carpet in your home, on average costs $3000. We walk on our carpet day in and day out which causes wear and tear that could cost you $3000. How do we protect our carpet from ourselves?


In the home there are always high traffic areas, places that we walk back and forth on. for example in my house I have a "trail" from the kitchen through the living room and into the hallway. Where does your "trail" lead in your home? To find your "trail" vacuum your home and watch which areas are trampled on first. Those areas are the first places to wear out. How can you protect the "trails" in your home from wear and tear?

Hallway Runners and Throw Rugs

Hallway Runners and Throw Rugs are a lot cheaper than replacing your carpet. You could put runners throughout your whole house following your "trail" like a red carpet, but that might looks tacky. Try putting a throw rug in the living room and bedrooms and runners in the hallways.

You can save $3000 on replacing your carpet by finding out where the "trails" are throughout your home and protecting them with Runners and Throw Rugs. Throw Rugs and Runners can protect your carpet and add a little spice to your life. Have fun with it!

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