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Top 3 Free Things to do in Ooltewah!

Ooltewah, Collegedale and Harrison are full of fun and interesting things to do. Whether you like being indoors or going on a walk about there is something for you! Top 3 Free Things to do in Ooltewah.

#1 Take a Hike- Hiking can be a lot of fun when you go to the right place. Harrison Bay State Park has two 3 hiking trails. A 4.5 miler that takes you on a loop close to the waters edge. A 1.5 Miler that is a little bit more rocky that also takes you close to the waters edge but has a bit more ups and downs. And a .25 miler that is a nice graveled path that Is lined with fun information posts.

#2 The Commons Events- The Commons in Collegedale is a host to several events. Every 1 Sunday and Tuesday of the month they have free movie nights. Every Sunday they have the Farmers Market with live music and venders.

#3 The Big Boy Chair- Take a picture sitting in the Lawn Chair made for Giants at the Ooltewah Nursery. Have a laugh and have fun posting it on Facebook.

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