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Pressure Washing
Our Business Story
My Business Story is kind of a funny one. Owning a business has always been a dream of mine. Creating something that could provide for my family is my American Dream. Before JimmyDew Pressure Washing I was working on a different business that wasn't really working out. One day I went to Panda Express for lunch and of course I got a fortune cookie. My fortune said " Be Open to New Business Ideas". Interesting interesting, ok. The next morning I went on a walk through my Neighborhood and noticed that there were several dirty houses and driveways and I thought well, there's obviously a need for pressure washing! I ran home with my New Business Idea and called a local printing press. I had 1,000 JimmyDew Pressure Washing fliers printed and received them that evening! The next morning I went door to door handing out fliers. Within the next couple days I got a phone call from a lady named Lindsey who needed her driveway pressure washed. I was like "Awesome! now I need a pressure washer!" So I borrowed my in-law's and went to the appointment! I continued to go door to door and I received more and more pressure washing calls. Soon I was able to buy my own pressure washer. I went to trade shows, watched videos, worked with pros and practiced on my own house to get better and better pressure washing skills. Spring rolled around and my marketing seemed to have paid off, I was overwhelmed with pressure washing gigs! I had found a business that would help provide for my family and be of service to my community. My Family and I are thankful to everyone that has helped us along the way and to all our customers that gave us a chance.
Thank You!

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Yes, We Are Insured!
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Not Bonded, but I am an Eagle Scout.
I would say thats better then being Bonded.
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